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Still Body Silent Mind


How we think and feel depends largely upon our physical condition.


All consciousness and every experience arise within the body. So your physical condition filters the experience of what is happening right now, affecting your understanding of the world, the people in it - and you.


To practice Sati is to bring the attention to what you are doing right now with ease and stillness.


It would seem to be a very easy thing - just to be, so try it.


Thinking is constantly moving away from the present in an attempt to fix things. Ignoring the ever changing nature of this moment now.


So we strive to be better and to improve ourselves, we strive not to have so much pain or to have more fun, and all this activity is to distract mind from the evidence that we are in a state of continual change.


In truth, there is only one important thing that can bring fulfilment and peace and that is to be present in what you are doing right now. You are either with it or you are not.


Paul Taylor Sensei.




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