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An Introduction to Sati

Sati means to bring the attention to what you are doing right now. [more]


Training and Shaping Mind

Our practice is to observe mind, to train mind, to shape and bring mind to liberation. That is what we practice for. The observing of mind is the first and most important step. [more]


The Function of the Sati Exercises

The function of the basic exercises is to bring us into the present moment by physically opening up, stretching and letting go. [more]


Standing, Walking, Sitting, Lying Down

There are four important activities which, if you practice within them, will significantly reduce the dependency on exercises and formal practice. They are standing, sitting, walking and lying down. [more]



When mind is clear and still, it naturally rests in the present moment. It is only when mind becomes agitated that it pulls away from the present moment, in order to reassert a security of identity. [more]


Notes on Finding Our Way into The Now

Gentle and slow down the physical rhythms, and let go the thinking. This will lead to the Now. [more]


Loving Kindness

The basis of loving-kindness is no-need and the physical nature of no-need is stillness. [more]


The Outbreath and Letting Go

The practice of Sati begins with the practice of letting go the breath. If you always move or act on the outbreath, you will find there is an inherent letting go. [more]


Letting Go of the 10,000 Unnecessary Things

There are 10,000 unnecessary things that we need be free of. Some of those things are external objects, and some of those things are internal. [more]


The Quality is in You

It would be very useful to ask yourself the question: Where does my interest in meditation arise from?. [more]


Being Present

I find it very interesting that each time I meet a group of people who have not approached this sort of work before; it astonishes them that they cannot let go just when they feel like it and they suddenly realise that they have to learn to let go. [more]


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